All Saints’ Day

Pray for Our Students

Dear parishioners, welcome back and glad to see you! This Sunday, I invite you to pray for the young people in our Parish, especially for those who are sitting their HSC exams this year. May our Lord, Jesus Christ, always guide them in their exams so that they can accomplish everything well. Also, we would like to pray for children in our Parish, especially for those who are preparing themselves to receive the Sacrament of First Reconciliation on 9th November (in less than two weeks!). May this sacrament become a blessing for them and their families.

November Mass

I believe you remember very well that 31st  October is Halloween Day. Pope Gregory III (731–741), designated the day after that as a time to honor All Saints. Therefore, starting from this Sunday, 1st November, we will dedicate the whole month to pray for all souls in purgatory and for our family members who have passed away. I invite you to take a special envelope that has been provided at the entrance of the church. Please write down the names of those you want to pray for, and put it in a special box provided beside the Altar. I will put all the names inside the Book of Remembrance, which will be placed on the Altar during Holy Mass. Please invite your family to come along and attend Holy Mass during this month, which will be dedicated for the repose of souls who have gone before us.

Parish Ministries

I believe that everyone receives blessings from God and gifted with different talents. Therefore, I invite you to give thanks to God for the blessings you have received. At the same time, please consider to develop your talents (even though it’s small), for the glory of God’s name and as a support to your local church. In fact, this is your church; this is your Parish. Hence, our Parish opens opportunities for you and all parishioners who want to get involved in the Parish’s activities. We have quite plenty of activities in this Parish, so choose one that suits you. To begin with, please take and complete the form “Parish Ministry” that you can find at the church foyer. Then, please return it via any donation boxes after Mass or sent it through email:– Fr Pio.