Changeover of Parish Priests, Congratulations to Confirmandi, and Small Gathering for Father Pio

Changeover of Parish Priests

The Capuchin Order in Australia has something important to announce today:

Dear parishioners,

 After serving you as Administrator and Parish Priest, Fr. Pio Hendi has been recalled to his home Province of Pontianak, Indonesia to work as Provincial Secretary. I want to acknowledge and thank Fr. Pio for his selfless service to this community over the years both as a student friar and later as a priest. He has been generous in sharing his talents and gifts with parish and the Capuchin Order. He will be returning to Indonesia on December 15th.

Consequently we have asked Fr. Severino Bustamente to take over as the new Parish Priest. Fr. Severino knows the parish well from his previous appointment here some years ago. 

Please continue to keep Fr. Greg Rowles in your prayers.

Kind regards,


Fr. Gerard O’Dempsey OFMCap.

(Provincial Minister)


Congratulations to Confirmandi

I want to congratulate the 70 Confirmandi who had received the Sacrament of Confirmation on 15-16 November, just a few days ago. May the Holy Spirit work through them so that they may bear witness to Christ in their families and communities. I want to thank Bishop Terry Brady for being willing to confer the Sacrament to our students. He also has given the delegation to me to confer the Sacrament on Monday 15th November at 5:00 PM as he could not confer the Sacrament at that time. Furthermore, this event could not have been carried out successfully without the support of our teachers and catechists who had worked hard to make it a beautiful celebration. Thank you so much for your hard works!

The event we held last Monday and Tuesday will be my first and last celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation in Australia. As you can see, I will go back to Indonesia for good next month – a new task is waiting for me. Trust me, I will never forget this special celebration for the rest of my life. Here, I include some photos of the celebration. –  Fr Pionius Hendi OFMCap. (Parish Priest)


Small Gathering for Father Pio

Because we have received such a short notice that Fr Pio will leave for Indonesia next month, the St Fiacre’s Parish Pastoral Council would like to organise a thank-you celebration for him on Monday, 6th December at 6:00 PM. All fully vaccinated parishioners are invited to join this gathering.

Above all, let us pray that God always bless Fr Pio in every ministry entrusted to him. May wherever he may be, he becomes a blessing to the Capuchin Order, the Catholic Church, and all people. – Cav. Felice Montrone OAM (Chairman of the Parish Pastoral Council).