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Our predecessors had established this beautiful Parish and lovely communities surrounding it. It is now our responsibility to make it alive, grow, and fruitful. To make it happens, the Parish truly depends on your ongoing supports, especially in the Planned Giving Programme. However, there are many ways to support the Parish, such as via credit card, direct deposit, cheque, and money order. We put the Parish bank details here, so you can choose whatever suits you. If you are part of Planned Giving donors, please make sure to put your unique number in the description. If you don’t have a Planned Giving number or have any queries, please contact the Parish Office at (02) 9518 0650. Many thanks for your generous supports!

FIRST COLLECTION: For the Friars (priests)

Account name: Capuchin Friars Leichhardt

BSB: 062-193

Account Number: 1021 7893

Reference: Your name – Support for the Friars.

(No receipt will be given. Many thanks for your support to the Capuchin Friars)

SECOND COLLECTION: For the Parish (church)

Account name: St Fiacre’s Catholic Church

BSB: 062-784

Account Number: 0457 5001

Reference: Your name – Support for the Parish.

(No receipt will be given. If you require a 30% tax deduction, please write your Envelope Number)

Refund Policy

If a payment or donation has been made to St Fiacre’s Parish, Leichhardt in error and a refund is required, please contact on (02) 9518 0650 or alternatively email

Please note any approved refunds will be returned using the original method of payment. Payments or donations from credit cards will be refunded to the same credit card used to make the donation.