Feast Day of St Fiacre, Next Sunday is Father’s Day, and Afghan Refugee Appeal

Feast Day of St Fiacre

This Sunday, 29th August, our Parish celebrates the Feast Day of Saint Fiacre, the patron saint of our Parish. Usually, we celebrate this event with various activities such as Solemn Mass, lunch together, music festival, and creativities for children. However, for the past two years – due to the lockdown – we celebrate it in a simple way. Even though we cannot gather in the church, we can still celebrate it through Holy Mass. Therefore, I invite all of you to join us this Sunday at 9:30 AM. Please click here to watch the live streaming Mass: www.facebook.com/stfiacreparish/live. See you there virtually!

Next Sunday is Father’s Day!

Our Parish has been preparing materials for Father’s Day celebration. This year, we will make a short video containing photos showing fathers’ figures, and it will be published on our Parish Facebook. Many thanks to those who have sent their photos. If you haven’t done it, feel free to send one or two photos of your dad (or a father figure in your life). Please send it here: fiacre@capuchinfriars.org.au. Grazie mille!

Afghan Refugee Appeal

Sydney Catholic Archbishop, Anthony Fisher OP, has launched the Archbishop’s Afghan Refugee Appeal. The appeal will raise desperately needed funds and commit the Archdiocese resources of education, health and welfare to Afghan families and individuals fleeing their homeland in the wake of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. The UN and aid agencies are preparing for a Syria scale refugee crisis. The appeal means that those who find their way to Australia will have support and resources waiting for them. These dark times remind all of us that we really are our brother and our sisters’ keeper. We urge you to donate: https://www.ourfaithourworks.org/ara. Thank you for your support.