Greetings from the Provincial Minister and the Parish Priest

From the Provincial Minister

Dear Parishioners, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP has confirmed the appointment of Fr. Pionius Hendi OFMCap as Parish Priest of Leichhardt.

Fr. Greg Rowles will continue to reside at the Leichhardt Friary whilst the Church’s investigation continues. This investigation, still under way, was greatly hampered by Covid-19 and the various lockdown events affecting both Sydney and Brisbane last year. Please continue to keep Fr. Greg in your prayers as we work towards clearing his good name.

Fr. John Cooper OFMCap, who has been greatly involved in ministry for the Italian community has been transferred to Brisbane. Arrangements are being put in place for the continuation of the 11am Italian Mass on Sundays.

Kind regards,

Fr. Gerard O’Dempsey OFMCap.

(Provincial Minister)


Greeting from the Parish Priest

I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for guiding the journey of all believers at St Fiacre’s Parish. By the grace of God and the merits of our predecessors, we can stand firmly to this day.

I also want to invite all parishioners to support each other in love. A healthy parish is a parish whose members want to be actively involved in its activities. Being a Catholic is not merely about attending Holy Mass every Sunday but being ready to open your heart and bringing its fruit into your family and society.

Therefore, let us unite and join our hands. A priest cannot work alone, he needs others, and you are one of his beloved people. If you have been helping the parish all this time, thank you so much. If not, I invite you to join. God bless you!

With love and blessings,

Fr. Pionius Hendi OFMCap.

(Parish Priest)