Our Parish Celebrates Two Stigmatics


Last Sunday, our Parish had celebrated the Feast of the Stigmata of Saint Padre Pio in a simple yet meaningful celebration. The first-grade relic of Saint Padre Pio (a piece of his blood-stained glove) was also on display. Thank you very much to all who had donated money, arranged the flowers, and prepared for the liturgy.

The main celebration took place on Wednesday, 23rd September, which is the official date for the feast day of Saint Padre Pio. On this event, Fr. John Cooper, OFMCap. had also celebrated the Rite of Admission into Secular Franciscan Order (SFO). This liturgy was held in the context of the official acceptance of two diocesan priests to become followers of the Third Order of Saint Francis. Congratulations! May the spirituality of Saint Francis of Assisi and the example of holiness from Saint Padre Pio inspire you both in carrying out your sacred duties in the church!


Next week is even more exceptional! Next weekend, our Parish will celebrate the Solemnity of Saint Francis of Assisi. On Saturday afternoon, 3rd October, at 6.30 PM (straight away after the Vigil Mass), our Parish will observe the Transitus of our Seraphic Father. This year we will commemorate the 794 years of his death. And this year’s celebration is extraordinary because it coincides with the signing of Pope Francis’ newest encyclical, Fratelli Tutti (All Brothers), which will take place at the tomb of Saint Francis, in Assisi (Italy). 

Then, on Sunday 4th October we will dedicate all the Holy Mass in our Parish to celebrate the Solemnity of Saint Francis of Assisi. On this occasion, the statue and relic of Saint Francis of Assisi will be kept in St Fiacre’s church. For the health and safety reason, I ask you not to touch the statue or the relic. Also, if the situation allows, there will be a blessing of pets outside the church after Holy Mass. However, please do not bring your pet inside the church.


If you would like to know more about Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Padre Pio, please join one of the three Franciscan groups in our Parish:

  1. If you are a young adult/young professional (18-35 years old), our Parish provides a proper place for the early formation of Franciscan spirituality. Our Parish has a group of young adults/professionals called Capuchin Young Adults (CYA). They were formed by the Capuchin Friars in Leichhardt to become “a little Francis” in the society where they live and work. If you are interested, please contact Ivan Salazar or Dara Liu at: capuchinyoungadults@gmail.com.
  2. If you are married or have a family, the Parish also provides a place for advanced formation to deepening the Franciscan spirituality. This group is called the Secular Franciscan Order (SFO). The members are lay men and women, but also some diocesan priests. If you are interested, please contact them at: national@ofsaustralia.org.au.
  3. However, if you want to become a Capuchin Friar (priest or brother), followers of the First Order of Saint Francis of Assisi, please contact us directly – the Capuchin Friars in Leichhardt. We are ready to welcome and assist you in your discernment process. 

Finally, let us increase our devotion to Our Blessed Mother. October is the month of the Rosary. Saint Padre Pio once said, “The Rosary is the weapon for these times.” Facing the world situation at the moment, we can use these words as our guidance and encouragement. Let us pray the Holy Rosary every day! – Fr Pio.