Parish Planned Giving Programme

Dear parishioners, since the Planned Giving Programme started last Sunday, I can see the enthusiasm of some people who truly want to support the ministries of our Parish. However, I also noticed that not everyone is familiar with the Planned Giving Programme.

Why Planned Giving?

Planned giving is an individual commitment to make regular supports to a Parish/church. It can provide two-fold benefits, both for the Parish and for the donors.

First, Planned Giving will fund the vital ministries in our Parish, such as Sacramental Programs, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), Young Adults Ministry, and many others. These ministries have proved to be of good fruit as they prepare future Catholics! With adequate supports from all parishioners, our Parish can provide a strong legacy of faith for present and future generations to come. Besides, it will also help our Parish to maintain administrative/office service, church building and parish hall, electricity, gas, water, and insurance.

Second, Planned Giving can also help you to achieve your financial goal by providing tax benefits. As a loyal donor of the Parish, you will receive the advantage of 30% tax-deductible from all donations you have made. Even if you consistently contributed small gifts, you will soon realise that you actually can give more than you ever thought possible, for Jesus Christ and his Holy Church.

How to Start?

There are two ways to register yourself in the Planned Giving Programme for our Parish:


  1. Take the Planned Giving enrolment form at the church entrance, and write down your contact details.
  2. Choose whether you want to use envelope donation (cash and take time to process) or credit card (recommended). No worries about the envelope number, the Parish Office will contact you later on.
  3. Once completed, please return it to the Parish Priest/Administrator, or by email: or by post: Parish Office, 98 Catherine Street, NSW 2040.


  1. Visit our website:
  2. Click on the green button MAKE A DONATION. Under the Biller code, choose the Planned Giving option. Put your full name and phone number, then follow the next instructions until finish.
  3. Please notify the Parish Office by phone (02) 9518 0650, or email.

I hope this explanation will help you to enrol for the Planned Giving Programme. More and more parishioners have already done it! May God bless you abundantly. – Fr Pio.