Preparation for Father’s Day, National Day of Prayer, and Festa di San Bartolomeo

Preparation for Father’s Day!

On Sunday, 5th September, we will celebrate Father’s Day! In this regard, I would like to invite you and all families in our Parish to send one or two photos of your father (or a father figure in your life). Please include the family name that you want to use in the photo. All photos will be compiled in the form of a short video which will be uploaded on our Parish’s Facebook. Please send it to us via email at before 31st August 2021. Let’s show our friends that having a father is amazing!

National Day of Prayer

The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated all sectors of life in our nation and the world. As believers, we are called to make supplications to God, our Father, the Source of all goodness. Therefore, this Sunday, 22nd August, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP invites you to join him in prayer during the 10:30 am Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral. This Holy Mass will be dedicated to ending the COVID-19 crisis. Please use this link to watch it:

Festa di San Bartolomeo

This Sunday, especially at St Fiacre’s Parish, we will celebrate the Feast of Saint Bartholomew. He was one of the Twelve Apostles, as the Gospels tell us (Mark 3:18; Matt. 10:3; Luke 6:14). Most likely, he was a person also named Nathanael of Cana, as recorded in John 1:45–51. Using two names for the same person could happen because “Bartholomew” is not a given first name but a patronymic (surname), which means “son of Talamai.” Therefore, Nathanael is the possible given name of the person referred to as Bartholomew.

Tradition holds that after Pentecost, Bartholomew preached in Greater Armenia. Because of the firmness of his faith, he was flayed alive and beheaded in the city of Albanopolis (now Derbent, Dagestan) by order of King Astyages. For the Italians, especially the people of Lipari and Ustica, devotion to San Bartolomeo will bring many blessings and healings for the country. So, please join us via live streaming Mass here: