Congratulations and Welcome!

On behalf of St Fiacre’s Parish, we want to congratulate you for joining our team here. No doubt, your participation will strengthen our Parish, bring life to many people, and save many souls. Thank you, and thank you again! Let us serve Jesus Christ, our Lord, in the best possible way while we live in this world!

What’s Next?

This is the time for you to prepare document(s) needed by the Parish. Please complete the Volunteer Registration – Acceptance Form This requirement is mandatory and applies to all, whether you come in contact with children or not. After you sign it, please return it ASAP to the Parish Office via email:, even though you are still working on other documents below.

If I come in contact with children during my ministry, do I need to prepare something extra?

Please always keep in mind that the safety of children and vulnerable people is one of our top priorities. Our task is to make sure that our Parish has a safe environment for all people. Therefore, if you fall under the categories below, then definitely YES, you need to complete some additional documents in line with the Archdiocese’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Compliance.

  • Parish Secretaries
  • Youth Ministers, Workers or Leaders
  • Pastoral Associates
  • Sacramental Coordinators
  • Sacramental Group Leaders
  • Catechists in State Schools
  • Children’s Liturgy Coordinators
  • Children’s Choir Ministry Leaders
  • Acolytes and Senior Altar Servers
  • Ministers of the Words/Readers/Lectors
  • Parish Counters/Collectors (AKA Wardens)
  • Eucharistic Ministers/Extraordinary Ministers

However, even though you are not under those categories but if you think that because of the nature of your role in the church you will be in contact with children more than 5 (five) times per year, you also must complete the additional documents. In short, in our opinion, it is better to do some more extra works (regardless of your role) because it will give you better protection and more possibility – and you can learn more too!

Here are the three additional documents that you have to complete before you can continue your ministry and engage with children:

1. Sign the Code of Conduct for Working with Children.
2. Have a valid Working with Children Check (WWCC). If this is the first time for you to apply (and you want to sign up for free), under the Purpose of Check, please select “Volunteer” and “Religious Services.” For more information, please click here.
3. Complete the Safeguarding Induction Training.

Once you have completed all of these requirements, please forward them to the Parish Office via email as proof that your Safeguarding and Child Protection is completed. Especially for the WWCC number, please send it to the Parish Office along with your surname and date of birth to have this verified according to the NSW Government regulations. Please note that only those who have completed all of the above requirements can engage with children. For more information, please refer to the documents below: